Tinidor Doors

Welcome to the home of Tinidor Composite Doors.

Small grand entrances

Your front door is special. It’s what keeps you and your family safe, protecting you from the elements.

Every day, thousands of people across the UK look to change their front door. The impact of a new front door can transform any property. But people with older properties struggle as the doors in older properties were not as tall as doors today and it is not possible to manufacture modern composite doors to fit these properties.

We developed Tinidor composite doors to help solve this issue. Our Tinidor composite doors help give you and your family the protection you require with a touch of class.

Small lock for a small composite door

Our secret is our locking system. Unique to Tinidor, our specially designed multi-point lock has the locking points closer therefore, we can make shorter doors, but that’s not all.

The standard Tinidor lock has five locking points. Compared to other composite doors that have three, this is an enormous boost to the security of your home. We have designed these locking points as bolts, not hooks. The bolt locking system has increased working tolerances, giving it a smoother operation for longer. Combine that with the Ultion WXM high-security Ultion cylinder, the ability to add hinge protection bolts, increasing the locking points to seven, and the solid hardwood core and you have actual security.

Our Classic Range has been designed especially for British cottages

The stunning tongue and groove appearance of our Classic Range doors make them perfect for that country home look and feel, it is made even more elegant with out traditional range of wrought  iron door furniture. We have also added a contemporary twist to the design with the introduction of single or triple diamond shaped glass features to broaden its appearance.

Perfectly suited to both rich colours such as peacock blue as well as traditional woodgrain effects such as walnut. The glazed panels can help shape the visual appearance of the overall door with glass options ranging from the traditional diamond to the more contemporary abstract.

The Italia collection is our most luxurious composite door

These exclusive designs come with a range of complementary stainless steel designer handles and
accessories. There is even the option of handmade Warwick Glass†, where two pieces are never the same. All Italia doors come with the innovative Winkhaus AV3 auto lock as standard so no need to wind the key to lock your door.