The Rose Collection

The UK’s most authentic UPVC Sash Windows

Market Leading Sliding Sash Windows

Combining high-performing modern functionality with the traditional charm and character of an original timber sash window, the Rose Collection is the UK’s premium collection of timber alternative sliding sash windows.

With 40 years of manufacturing experience built in, The Rose Collection has been carefully crafted to give your home the stunning look of authentic sashes while being easy to use and maintain, while offering enhanced security, energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Whether you live in a traditional or contemporary property, Rose Collection sash windows will enhance your home and offer years of trouble free enjoyment. Our timber-alternative vertical sliding windows enhance visuals while keeping your home warm, quiet and secure.

The Ultimate Rose

The Ultimate Rose is the most authentic and high performance sliding sash window on the market. You won’t find a better product than the Ultimate Rose, which is completely indistinguishable compared with original timber. They are fitted with some of the latest innovations in the entire double glazing industry. 

The Heritage Rose

Even as our middle model, the Heritage Rose comfortably outperforms other sliding sash windows on the market. They authentically replicate the visual effects of timber and offer exemplary standards of thermal efficiency, weatherproofing and home security. 

The Charisma Rose

The Charisma Rose offers competitively priced period looks with a host of modern features. It has all the quality and features you’d expect from a Rose Collection sash window, but at a lower price, helping it stand toe to toe with the leading models of our competitors. They’re best for those in contemporary properties.